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(empty)  (1 Part)  
-1091 Bofeili Mid Drive Motor    
AS1 - Assy 1st Level  (4 Parts) 
AS1-1026 Front Wheel Assembly Ted Wojcik Cycles
AS1-1037 Footrest Assembly Ted Wojcik Cycles
AS1-1051 Temporary Brake Release Assembly Ted Wojcik Cycles
AS1-1053 Head Tube Assembly Ted Wojcik Cycles
AS2 - Assy 2nd Level  (2 Parts) 
AS2-1032 Front End Assembly Ted Wojcik Cycles
AS2-1054 Rear Frame Assembly Ted Wojcik Cycles
BK1 - Bike Component  (19 Parts) 
BK1-1023 MICHELIN Protek Cross 700c Michelin
BK1-1024 Dimension 170mm Cross Crank Arm Set 110/74 Black, Includes Bolts Niagra Cycle
BK1-1040 Phil Wood Receiver Phil Wood
BK1-1041 Phil Wood Hub Phil Wood
BK1-1046 Crank Axle Phil Wood
BK1-1055 S&S Coupler Front    
BK1-1056 TBD Headset    
BK1-1061 PC-X1 Chain with PowerLock Connecting Link SRAM
BK1-1076 TBD Bottom Bracket Shell    
BK1-1079 TBD Hand Grip    
BK1-1080 TBD 25t Drive Chainring    
BK1-1090 One - 45T SPROCKET upgrade to 8000/9000    
BK1-1092 Shimano Di2 Alfine SG-S705 11-SPD Hub Shimano
BK1-1093 Shimano Di2 Alfine SM-BTR1 Battery    
BK1-1094 Shimano Shimano Di2 Rear Wire Kit    
BK1-1095 Shimano Di2 SM-EW67-A-E Cockpit Junction    
BK1-1096 Shimano Di2 SM-PCE1 PC Interface    
BK1-1097 Shimano Di2 EW-SD50 E-Tube Wires    
BK1-1098 Shimano Shimano Di2 SM-JC41 Junction B Box Shimano
BK2 - Bionx Component  (5 Parts) 
BK2-1027 S 350 DV 20 inch (11.6Ah battery) (cassette) Full Unit Bionx
BK2-1028 Bionx S 350 DV 20 inch wheel Bionx
BK2-1029 S 350 DV 20 controller Bionx
BK2-1031 S 350 DV 20 battery Bionx
BK2-1034 S 350 DV 20 Trottle Bionx
BK3 - Cassette  (2 Parts) 
BK3-1067 Shimano XTR CS-M980 10-Speed 11-36 Dyna-Sys Cassette Shimano
BK3-1069 SLX HG-X Cassette Sprocket (10-Speed)    
BK4 - Derailleur  (1 Part)  
BK4-1068 Shimano SLX RD-M675 10-speed SGS Rear Derailleur Shimano
BK5 - Shifter  (1 Part)  
BK5-1072 Shimano SLX SL-M670 Shifters - 2x10 Shimano
BK6 - Brakes  (2 Parts) 
BK6-1021 Disk Brake Caliper SRAM
BK6-1025 TBD Caliper Brake Lever Shimano
BK7 - Wheels & Tires  (2 Parts) 
BK7-1065 Schwalbe Marathon Road Tire 700c 28 Performance Bikes
BK7-1073 Primo 20" Comet Kevlar 100 psi Tire    
BK9 - Component Grouping  (8 Parts) 
BK9-1070 10 Speed SLX Front Grouping Shimano
BK9-1071 10-Speed Shimano SLX Intermediate Grouping Shimano
BK9-1074 Bionx Part Grouping Bionx
BK9-1075 Bottom Bracket Grouping    
BK9-1077 Crank/Pedals Grouping    
BK9-1081 Disc & V-brake Grouping    
BK9-1082 Backup Brake Cam/Release Grouping    
BK9-1099 Shimano Di2 Alfine 11 Speed Groupiing Shimano
EHC - Electric HC Top Level  (1 Part)  
EHC-1001 EHC Config 1 Ted Wojcik Cycles
FR1 - Frame Components  (3 Parts) 
FR1-1084 DR2001 1-1/2" Round Rear Dropout Paragon Machine Works
FR1-1089 Head Tube, Steel, 105 mm, 44mm dia Paragon Machine Works
FR2 - Mitered Tube  (1 Part)  
FR2-1086 2" Chrome Moly Main Tube    
HWB - Hardware, Bearings  (3 Parts) 
HWB-1045 Crank Bearing Phil Wood
HWB-1050 Cam Follower    
HWB-1052 Roller Clutch    
MP1 - Machined part, simple  (3 Parts) 
MP1-1039 Seat stop    
MP1-1042 Coupler Aligner, Male Ted Wojcik Cycles
MP1-1043 Coupler Aligner, Female Ted Wojcik Cycles
MP2 - Machined part, complex  (3 Parts) 
MP2-1048 Brake Cam Ted Wojcik Cycles
MP2-1049 Brake Yoke Ted Wojcik Cycles
MP2-1078 TBD Titanium Hand Pedal    
PH1 - Photo Collection  (2 Parts) 
PH1-1035 Travel Bike Disassembly Photo Survey    
PH1-1044 Blue NEH Handcycle Photo Survey    
SM1 - Basic Machining Operations  (1 Part)  
SM1-1087 Mitering, Tube Ted Wojcik Cycles
TU1 - Tubing, chrome moly  (1 Part)  
TU1-1083 2" Chrome-Moly Tubing .049 wall    
TU2† † - Tubing, titanium  (1 Part)  
TU2-1085 2" OD Titanium Tube .049 wall Titanium Joe
WE1 - Weldment, simple  (2 Parts) 
WE1-1036 Crutch Holder, Bottom    
WE1-1038 Footrest anchor    
WE2 - Weldment, complex  (7 Parts) 
WE2-1010 Front Fork Weldment Ted Wojcik Cycles
WE2-1011 Intermediate Drive Weldment Ted Wojcik Cycles
WE2-1012 Head Tube Weldment Ted Wojcik Cycles
WE2-1013 Rear Frame Weldment Ted Wojcik Cycles
WE2-1014 Crank Upright Weldment Ted Wojcik Cycles
WE2-1015 Seat Back Weldment Ted Wojcik Cycles
WE2-1016 Titanium Basket/Seat Weldment Ted Wojcik Cycles
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