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BK1 - Bike Component
Shimano Di2 Alfine SG-S705 11-SPD Hub
Model Number    SG-S705
Series    ALFINE
Speeds    11speed
Shifting Lever    ST-S705
Disc Brake Rotor Mount    Center Lock
Gear Ratio Total Difference    409%
Gear Ratio 1    0.527
Gear Ratio 2    0.681
Gear Ratio 3    0.770
Gear Ratio 4    0.878
Gear Ratio 5    0.995
Gear Ratio 6    1.134
Gear Ratio 7    1.292
Gear Ratio 8    1.462
Gear Ratio 9    1.667
Gear Ratio 10    1.888
Gear Ratio 11    2.153
Axle Length    187
Over Locknut    135
Spoke Holes    36H, 32H
Spoke Size    #13, #14
Sprocket Options    CS-S500: 18,20/ SM-GEAR inward:18,19,20,21,22,23/SM-GEAR outward: 16,18,19,20,21,22,23
Chain Line    41.8/47.7
Average Weight    1,665g
Flange Distance (mm)    57.3
Spoke Hole PCD (mm)    92.6
Flange Diameter (mm)    104.3
Flange Width (mm)    3.2
Sprocket Thickness (mm)    CS-S500 2.0/ SM-GEAR 2.3
Shimano Recommended Chain    CN-HG73/53/50
Dishing Distance (mm)    3.15
Shifting Switch    SW-S705
Motor Unit    MU-S705
Note    Color option :Black, Silver
Where this part is used
Created on Feb.  3, 2016 at  7:43 PM (EST). Owned by Warner-Admin, Bill.
Bill Warner-Admin
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