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Bofeili Mid Drive Motor

Bofeilinz is obviously a big fan of mid drive motors. We wouldn't sell you just any bike, we think our bikes have advantages. It's what we believe in, it's the only system we sell and service.
Slowly, mid drive motor systems are starting to become a major force in the electric bike market. Bosch being the first European manufacturer with their market leading, but very expensive drive. Others are following.
Bofeili has been producing electric mid drive motors for many years now and have introduced the new S-02 motor early 2014. Rated at 300 Watts, with planetary gears in a very compact an easy to service aluminium housing.

There are 3 main types of motors used for electric bikes: hub motors, geared hub motors and mid drive motors. Geared motors can be made smaller and lighter as ordinary hub motors and are the preferred hub motor choice, if used in a bike. It does not mean they can change gears, its a fixed gear ratio. They are installed in the front or the rear wheel of the bike and drive the wheel directly.
Mid drive motors cannot change gears either, but they do drive through the chain and sprockets of the bike. They have all the gear ratios of the bike available.
If all else is the same, the crank motor will be stronger with a hill start or going uphill, if the right gear is selected. The bike will go slow, but with more torque. The hub motor bike has no choice. Think of a car, stuck in third gear, trying to get going!! (electric motors have a wider torque range as car engines, so will do better). Ours is more efficient from a standing start as well, since the motor will be in its normal operating range. Once up to speed on the flat, that advantage disappears. The potential is there for more range, since it will use less power under certain conditions.

You can make up your own mind, but here are some thoughts about the various implementations:

Weight distribution:
Hub motors are installed in the wheel and they position weight towards the end of the bike (either front or back) which reduces balance. This can play a role when jumping a bike or taking it off road. Motor weight is built into the wheel which increases unsprung weight. Suspension performs better if it has less "dead weight" to move.
The mid motor sits in the centre of the frame with low centre of gravity.

The mid motor drives trough the chain and gears, so all ratios can be selected for optimal torque. Gear changes have to be done with a bit more thought, you will learn to avoid gear changes with the motor "driving", to avoid wear and tear.

Mid motor drives are more expensive and need specially designed frames to house them.
(there are conversion kits available for ordinary bikes as well, but the jury is out on those)

During a bike ride, there are many times that the motor has to work hard while starting or accelerating. Thats where the crank motor will use less power and has the potential for more km's with a given battery capacity.

Maintenance for the mid motor bike:
Wheels and spokes are standard items and any bike shop can service them.
A puncture repair does not involve the disconnecting of wires.
The motor can be exchanged easily.
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